occasional and corporate

We prepare each proposal individually, adapting it to the expectations of Guests.

We advise on setting the menu, choosing the right wines and spirits and the entire setting of the ceremony.

Occasional events

We are happy to organize a special event for you. It can be birthdays, baptisms or communions. If you are on the eve of the most important decision in your life and plan to change your marital status, we will help you to celebrate this moment with a wedding party in our restaurant.

Events can take place in our interiors, they can also be organized outdoors.
In barbecue gazebos or event tents, by the grill or campfire.

For those looking for something more refined, we offer GARDEN PARTY, among the green of our grasses or the blue of our water, with the play of lights and music selected according to your preferences … porcelain tableware on white tablecloths at round tables
… can you see it with the eyes of your imagination? 🙂

It is possible to book an object exclusively or to separate part of it for your event.
Check us out 🙂

Business meetings

It has been known since ancient times that the best business is done by consumption. Good food soothes manners and opens up many opportunities to cultivate existing business relationships and build new contacts.

After all, people with people do business, not computers with smartphones. 🙂
Business lunch at which you can discuss current affairs or dinner during which time passes more slowly and new visions can be created – this is just a small sample of what businessmen can experience in our restaurant every day.

And there are other occasions – integration events, training sessions, conference meetings combined with a presentation on the big screen. And when we finish our work, watching sports events together and supporting our favorites will be a beautiful end to the day.

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